Theresa May confirms support for Gibraltar at Tory conference

The PM confirmed full support for Gibraltar.
The PM confirmed full support for Gibraltar. / Government of Gibraltar
  • In an unprecedented visit by a prime minister to the Gibraltar reception Mrs May reiterated that the UK stands "shoulder to shoulder" and "backs" Gib

British prime minister Theresa May visited the Gibraltar reception at the Conservative Party conference this week, the first time any prime minister has done so. In a speech welcoming Mrs May, chief minister Fabian Picardo thanked her for her clear and continued support and that of the Conservative party for Gibraltar, which he said had gone "from strength to strength" over time.

Reminding the PM that he and his team had had a meeting with her on the very day she took office, he described her as the "spearhead" for Gibraltar's interests, and "Gibraltar's champion". He also made other references to football during his speech, including a resounding "Brexit's coming home", to much laughter, before presenting Mrs May with a Gibraltar football shirt with number 10 embroidered on it.

The PM stressed that the UK stands "shoulder to shoulder" with Gibraltar and that any deal with the EU "will cover Gibraltar and its interests", she said.