Less people aged over 60 are getting their Covid-19 jabs SUR
Why people aged over 60 are not getting the Covid-19 vaccine in Malaga province

Why people aged over 60 are not getting the Covid-19 vaccine in Malaga province

Barely 37% have been inoculated this season - for both Covid-19 and the flu - and experts warn a wave of cases is right around the corner

Iván Gelibter

Monday, 27 November 2023, 13:36


The number of people aged above 60 who have received the Covid-19 vaccination this autumn in Malaga province has dropped compared to last year, new data shows.

Not even one in four citizens over 60 has been inoculated - for coronavirus and influenza - according to figures from Andalusian Health Service, seen by SUR. A total of 37% of this age group went to their health centre for the flu vaccination, a figure that drops slightly in the case of Covid-19. According to the head of vaccination in Andalucía, David Moreno, the figure for coronavirus was already lower than that for influenza in 2022, and has has fallen by around five and a half points less than last year.

"In Andalucía, more than 1.2 million people have already been vaccinated. It is not that there is little vaccination, but it is true that if we compare it with last year, it is a noticeable drop," Moreno said. While pointing out that there is less fear of Covid-19 and "less interest" in being vaccinated, Moreno insisted people get their shots as cases start to rise ahead of winter.

"When it gets colder it will be worse, because we start to spend more time indoors with more people and that's how it spreads," he said. "They [the elderly] are people who are more at risk because of their age. They are the ones who are admitted to hospital for flu every year; and the older they are, the greater the risk of complications during admission."

Moreno said peak Covid-19 and flu cases emerge in late December and early January and urged people to get inoculated before then. To get vaccinated appointments can be booked through the Salud Responde app or at the health centre counter.

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