Unemployment drops by more than 11,000 in Andalucía for November

Unemployment drops by more than 11,000 in Andalucía for November

In contrast, figures for Malaga, heavily reliant on the services sector, show the third highest increase in registered jobseekers among Spanish provinces


Friday, 2 December 2022, 21:12


The number of registered unemployed in Andalucía has fallen by 11,169 people during November - a decrease of 1.47 per cent compared to the previous month. It brings the total number of those registered in the public employment services to 749,377, according to data provided on Friday 2 December by the Spanish ministry of Labour and Social Economy.


Among all the regions of Spain, Andalucía recorded the second largest decrease in unemployment in absolute terms during November, preceded by Valencia, with 15,330 fewer unemployed, and followed by the community of Madrid, with 7,757 fewer unemployed. In total nine regions recorded decreases in unemployment.

Figures for Andalucía, compared to November 2021, show that unemployment has fallen by 50,871 people, which represents a drop of 6.3 per cent.


Nationally, the number of registered unemployed fell by 33,512 compared with October, equivalent to a 1.1 per cent decrease, and is the second largest decline for November ever after last year when there was a record drop of 74,381 in the figures.

The total number of unemployed at the end of November stood at 2,881,380, its lowest figure for the month of November since 2007. The welcome rise in employment was driven mainly by the services sector contrasting the usual pattern for this month when, generally, unemployment rises. In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment fell in November by 61,595 persons.

In the last year, unemployment has dropped by 301,307, a decrease of 9.5 per cent, with a fall in female unemployment of 160,698 women, down 8.5 per cent, and a fall in male unemployment of 140,609 men, down 10.8 per cent.

Unemployment up in Malaga province

Malaga, meanwhile, was the province in Spain with the third highest growth in unemployment in November, due to its labour market's dependence on the services sector.

The number of people registered as unemployment went up by 710 last month, behind only the Balearics (with 1,587 more unemployed) and Tarragona (793).

At the end of November there were 138,744 registered unemployed in Malaga province. Of them, 99,809 come from the services sector, that is, seven out of ten jobless previously worked in leisure or hospitality-related businesses.

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