Tropical nights and daytime temperatures of close to 40C forecast in south of Spain this week
Weather forecast

Tropical nights and daytime temperatures of close to 40C forecast in south of Spain this week

Aemet, the Spanish state weather agency, is predicting very high minimum and maximum values in parts of the Andalucía region

Almudena Nogués


Monday, 27 May 2024, 13:35

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Stability will take the helm of the weather in the Andalucía region in the south of Spain during this last week of May, which begins with the heat playing a leading role. In the provinces of Seville and Cordoba the thermometers will hover around 36C. The state agency (Aemet) forecasts that the skies for the day will generally be partly cloudy, with some intervals of low cloud and mist, with fog not ruled out. In the eastern sierras - as was the case on Sunday, with a storm warning - occasional showers are not ruled out in the afternoon, while the forecast points to a slight presence of 'calima' dust in suspension in the southeast of the region.

The maximum temperatures will remain on the rise on the western Mediterranean coast and with little change in the rest of Andalucía.

"We have a week ahead of us with hardly any rainfall throughout the region and with temperatures significantly above normal for the time of year, although with a probable drop at the weekend," warned the state weather agency.

Meteored, a specialised meteorology portal , agreed: "In the coming days Spain will be crossed by several waves or troughs and ridges, so we are not going to talk about a monotonous weather situation more typical of the summer months", it warned.

Summer nights

There are still a few days to go before this change, which could take shape from Friday onwards. In the meantime, the most significant aspect of this prelude to the meteorological summer (which will begin on 1 June) will be the tropical nights. In Malaga the minimum temperatures will remain between 18 and 20C all week - and a rise in the mercury forecast for Friday: Aemet expects 39 degrees on that day in places such as Seville. "Temperatures will rise over the next few days to around 40C on Friday in the Guadalquivir valley," said the Aemet spokesperson, Rubén del Campo. He added: "Looking ahead to the weekend, there is likely to be a drop in temperatures which will end up being generalised, but which will be more marked in the north of the Spanish mainland. Even with this drop in temperatures, a good part of the south of the country will continue to exceed 34C".

By regional cities, Seville and Cordoba will be close to 37C, temperatures "typical of the middle of summer, in July", according to Del Campo. Meanwhile, nighttime temperatures will also be high and Extremadura and Andalucía will record tropical nights, as announced by Aemet.

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