Arturo Bernal at the presentation of the campaign. / sur

Andalucía launches campaign to increase appreciation of workers in tourism sector

The 750,000 euro initiative comes after staff shortages caused numerous problems for businesses last summer

Pilar Martínez

The Junta de Andalucía's Ministry of Tourism has begun a campaign in recognition of the importance of workers in the tourist industry. The Minister, Arturo Bernal, has said the 750,000 euro campaign will take place during the next few weeks, and may then be repeated at times during 2023.

It comes at a time when a shortage of professionals in the tourism sector has been the biggest problem faced by businesses this year. Bernal said his department is committed to increasing academic and professional training and to providing support for businesses in the sector as this can only increase client satisfaction.

The campaign aims to change the way jobs in tourism are perceived and appreciated by the public, and raise awareness of the role played by professionals in the industry.

Highest number of repeat visitors

Tourism is massively important to Andalucía, as it directly generates over 13% of the region's GDP. "This region has one of the highest numbers of repeat visitors in Spain, and that is why the people who work in this industry are so important," Bernal explained.

He also said that the Andalusian government wants to renew its tourism model and advance towards excellence, and that is only possible if those who work in the sector are respected and looked after. “We want them alongside us as allies,” he said.