Motorhomes in Calahonda p. g-t.
Tighter controls brought in to stop motorhomes from camping on Calahonda beaches

Tighter controls brought in to stop motorhomes from camping on Calahonda beaches

The town hall has installed signs to ban motorhomes from entering the jetty area and prohibiting stays of more than 48 hours in the same place

Pilar García-Trevijano

Thursday, 24 February 2022


Carchuna-Calahonda town hall in Granada province has intensified its police vigilance to prevent motorhomes from camping on the beach. The Local Police are monitoring the car park on a daily basis to stop the 48-hour parking period limit from being exceeded.

Local residents, up in arms by the presence of the motorhomes, have made several complaints to the town hall. They have reported that users leave their dirty water on the ground without anything controls in place to stop them.

The Local Police now ask for documentation and identify tourists to ensure that they do not remain in the same place for 48 hours. "Since the beginning of the pandemic, this type of visitor has increased a lot but we haven't detected any irregularities. The only thing we can do to carry out regular inspections and make sure that they move the caravans after two days," police sources have said.

Signs have been installed near the Calahonda jetty and Granada beach to prevent the vehicles from entering the area. This is not the first time that complaints have been made about the proliferation of this type of tourism, which has increased considerably in recent years and, in coastal areas that are not clearly regulated, business owners have also complained that it affects trade.

The problem has also affected Almuñécar-La Herradura and in particular along La Herradura’s beach and the Reina Sofía de Velilla promenade. The local beach bar (chiringuito) association asked the town hall to put an end to the "massive" parking of motorhomes and to intensify vigilance to prevent camping and Almuñécar town hall responded by prohibiting the parking and camping of motorhomes on the town’s roads.

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