This is the Junta's latest message about the new Omicron coronavirus variant

An official has appealed to those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so because "although it does not stop the spread, it does prevent hospital admissions and deaths"


The coordinator of the Coronavirus Monitoring Advisory Group in Andalucía, Inmaculada Salcedo, has said this Monday, 29 November, that no cases of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected in the region, so far, and asked the public to be "cautious", but not "alarmed."

Speaking to Canal Sur Radio, Salcedo confessed that not much is known about this new variant yet, but said there is no evidence that the vaccine does not protect against it. But she added that the region is very aware of how the situation could evolve and, based on this, the necessary measures will be taken.

The coordinator went on to point out that the region’s Ministry of Health has included the Omicron variant among those of "concern", which means that you have to be “very vigilant in the event of possible cases that may occur” and also admitted that the increase in the cumulative incidence rate in Andalucía, does generate some "concern", especially in the face of the Christmas holidays.

Target population

However, Salcedo highlighted that Andalucía has 91.6 percent of its target population, aged twelve years and older, vaccinated with the full schedule of a coronavirus vaccine and that it is undoubtedly the most important measure to deal with the virus.

Therefore, she has appealed to the approximately 500,000 people in Andalucía who have not yet been vaccinated to do so because although the vaccine is not "perfect" and does not prevent spread, it does prevent hospital admissions and deaths.