Minister for development Rocío Díaz at the signing of the agreements with the minister for the construction of housing. SUR
Junta agrees to build nearly 3,000 affordable rental homes across Andalucía

Junta agrees to build nearly 3,000 affordable rental homes across Andalucía

The latest agreements signed include ten public developments, two of which are on the Costa del Sol

Friday, 22 March 2024, 17:56


The Andalusian government has kicked off the construction of 2,915 new energy-efficient homes for an affordable rent.

Regional minister of development Rocío Díaz signed the latest agreements with housing minister Isabel Rodríguez to build 334 new homes in seven Andalusian provinces. The construction of the homes will be supported by the European Next Generation funds, according to Díaz, who underlined the work carried out by the Andalusian government to promote collaboration between administrations.

"We are taking advantage of every last euro of the extraordinary funds from Europe to increase the supply of housing, but also to reactivate the economy and generate employment," Díaz said, adding that the latest signatures mean the granting of subsidies worth 137 million euros. This aid will facilitate the construction of 68 developments with 2,915 homes. In addition to helping expand the housing market, the subsidies have a multiplier effect on the economy, as the overall investment, which amounts to 437 million if you add those to be made by the private sector, is tripled.

The head of development expressed her intention to continue working to incorporate more similar projects and said they are already in negotiations to add 500 more homes before the deadline expires on 31 March. The special feature of this type of aid is that it is aimed at the construction of social rental housing in energy-efficient homes.

The latest agreements signed include ten public developments with 334 homes, which will receive 13.8 million euros. This list includes a 33-home development at the exit of the airport motorway and near the La Goleta subway in Almería city, a 53-home development on Avenida Marconi in Cadiz city, and 10 subsidised housing units on Calle Miguel Ángel Blanco in Villanueva del Duque in Cordoba. There are also two developments promoted by Provincial Housing, Land and Equipment Company (Visogsa) of the provincial council of Granada: one with 101 homes on Calle Hurtado de Mendoza in Almuñecar and a second with 26 homes in the municipality of Cúllar.

Two developments are also planned in Jaén, although this time by their local councils. Andújar will receive a subsidy for the construction of 26 homes in Avenida de América, while Lupión town council is also planning a development of eight homes in Calle Ronda de la Vega. In Malaga province, the two developments benefiting from funding are in Fuengirola and include 39 new municipal public housing units: fifteen in the La Yesera area and another 24 in Carvajal.

Díaz also said her department plans to expand its public housing stock with the construction of 38 subsidised rental homes in Utrera, through the Andalusian Housing and Rehabilitation Agency (AVRA).

The minister pointed out the Ecovivienda Plan is one of the open lines of work for the construction of affordable housing, which the Andalusian government has been working on since 2019. She said four calls for aid to public and private developers have already been launched. There are currently more than 70 of these call outs in progress or close to being launched with a balance of more than 2,500 homes.

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