Summer officially began on Tuesday. PHOTO: E.P. / VIDEO: ATLAS

Stand by for a sizzling summer in Andalucía this year, warn weather experts

Temperatures are expected to soar to record highs and there will be practically no rain at all in the next few months, according to State forecaster Aemet

Isabel Méndez


Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 10:40


Summer has now officially begun and guess what? It will be hotter than usual in Andalucía and there will be hardly any rain, according to Spain's State weather agency, Aemet. The meteorologists have also confirmed that this spring was hotter than usual in the region, with an average temperature of 20.5C, three degrees higher than normal and the third highest since records began.

On some days in June, temperatures soared higher than they had ever been before, and some days during the previous month were also extraordinarily hot, such as 20 May when it reached 40.3C in Jaén and 41C in Seville.

Aemet’s delegate in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla, Luis Fernando López Cotín, said this summer we can expect to see temperatures higher than normal and practically no rain at all in the region.

Looking back at the weather in Andalucía earlier this year, March was a very wet month, especially in Almeria where there was 764% more rainfall than average, and April was variable, depending on the province: it was a dry month in Malaga, but very wet in Almería (293% more rainfall than average), and was extremely dry in Cadiz, Granada and Jaén.

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