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Junta announces date the second Covid booster jab will be rolled out across Andalucía

First in line will be the over-60s, vulnerable people, health and social-health personnel and nursing home residents, according to the head of the region's vaccination plan


With supplies of the second booster jabs due to arrive in September or October, Andalucía will administer the vaccine in the autumn, according to the Junta's top vaccination official.

As with the first booster, priority will be given to the over-60s, vulnerable people, frontline health personnel and nursing home residents.

David Moreno, director of the strategic vaccination plan in Andalucía, said this second booster dose will be valid against the Omicron variant in an interview on Canal Sur Radio.

Last week, both the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Medicines Agency asked European countries to start administering the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 as soon as possible in order to stop a new wave of infections caused by the BA.4 and BA.5 of Omicron variants. These have already caused an increase in cases in 23 of the 27 countries of the European Union.


Moreno said that, at the moment, the different indicators and rates of Covid-19 in the population "continue to fall", but it is not known how the virus will continue to behave over the rest of the summer. "There may be oscillations or waves", the director of the strategic vaccination plan said, though he stressed these would be “small waves” without the marked peaks evident at the beginning of the pandemic.

Moreno, in his radio interview, noted that "some European countries are worse off" because they have not reached the level of booster vaccination present in Andalucía.

With regard to the new BA.2.75 variant, known as Centaurus, Moreno said that it is "a question of time before it reaches Europe" because, "from experience, the variant that arrives is transmitted more than the previous one and takes over wherever it arrives".