Juanma Moreno in Malaga / ÑITO SALAS

Regional elections are not imminent in Andalucía, says Juanma Moreno

But his coalition does not hold a parliamentary majority and Vox and PSOE are in a position to disrupt their agenda


The President of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, has moved to quell expectations that Andalucía may hold its regional election this spring.

Moreno, the leader of the regional Partido Popular (PP), admitted remarks he made earlier this week had caused confusion, but speaking at an event in Malaga on 20 January, he insisted he intends to serve for his full term with an election scheduled for November.

“What I wanted to explain yesterday, apparently with little success, is that starting in February when the regular session resumes, we are going to see what the attitude of PSOE and Vox towards this legislature is,” he said.


His Vice-President and coalition partner, Juan Marín, the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs), also said on 20 January that he had no expectations that the regional election would be called early. Marín added an early election would be “irresponsible” and disruptive.

Moreno said his decision to not call early elections is part of his commitment to provide Andalucía with a stable government and to fight for a fair distribution of European funds.

27 November

The Junta’s spokesman, Elías Bendodo, said, “The regional government's vocation is to exhaust the legislature which would mean exhausting this period of sessions between now and July. The elections should take place on 27 November, 2022."

The PP and Cs do not hold a parliamentary majority in the Andalusian parliament in Seville. As a result, Vox and PSOE are in a position to disrupt their agenda.

“If PSOE and Vox begin to block us, what I am not going to do is make the citizens lose a minute. I am going to be patient, but I appeal to the left and right to calm down and think about Andalusians and Andalucía," Moreno added.