No rules about clothing will apply on Cadiz beaches any more. sur
Nude sunbathing to be allowed on all the beaches in Cadiz city

Nude sunbathing to be allowed on all the beaches in Cadiz city

The governing party, Adelante Cadiz, says the move reflects the needs of society, but PSOE and Ciudadanos abstained and the PP voted against the proposal. There are also new rules relating to dogs being allowed on the sands during the low season



Tuesday, 29 March 2022, 21:17


Cadiz council has approved a motion to allow naturists on all the city's beaches, with the governing party (Adelante Cadiz) voting in favour, the PP against and PSOE, Ciudadanos and independent councillor Domingo Villero abstaining. It means that anyone will be able to sunbathe naked on La Caleta, La Victoria, Santa María del Mar and Cortadura beaches, should they wish to do so. Adelante Cadiz says this reflects the needs of society.

Clause 13 of the byelaw refers to “naturist beaches”, and now states that “all the beaches within the municipality may be frequented by any person who wishes to make use of them with no exclusionary criteria with regard to clothing”.

The PP says it voted against the move “because although it is true that initial approval is subject to modifications," it has “certain concerns about the terms in which the proposal was presented and the regulation is subject to interpretation, as was the case with the terraces”. Therefore this party proposed that the regulation be made more specific and detailed in this phase, to provide legal security.

Under the new rules, bicycles may also be ridden on the beaches and dogs are allowed throughout the whole of the low season, between October and Easter each year.


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