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More people died in traffic accidents in Andalucía last year

Seville and Cordoba provinces were the only ones in which the number of road deaths went up compared with 2021

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The DGT traffic department has just issued its statistics for 2022 and these show that 210 people lost their lives in accidents on roads in Andalucía last year. There were eight more fatalities compared with 2021, which was an increase of four per cent.

In fact, this is a provisional figure as it does not take into account accidents which occurred after 19 December, and it appears that a further 12 people died on Andalusian roads in the last two weeks of the year. If this is officially confirmed, it would mean the total number of deaths in traffic accidents in the region was 222.

In Spain as a whole, 1,097 deaths were registered, which was 14 per cent more than in 2021 (965) and four per cent more than in 2019 (1,057).

Seville tops the list, followed by Malaga

By province in Andalucía, the highest number of deaths occurred on roads in Seville, with a total of 55, followed by Malaga with 28, Granada with 25, Cordoba with 24, Almeria with 23, Cadiz with 21, Huelva with 19 and Jaén with 15.

Seville and Cordoba provinces were the only ones to register more deaths in traffic accidents last year compared with 2021, by 24 and one respectively. In Malaga the number dropped by three, in Granada by two, in Almeria by two, in Cadiz by four, in Huelva by six, and in Jaén the number was the same as in the previous year.