Juanma Moreno at Seville’s San Telmo palace where he received a representation of the region's Gypsy community. SUR
Junta's head advocates equality, employability and inclusion for Gypsy people

Junta's head advocates equality, employability and inclusion for Gypsy people

Regional president Juanma Moreno received a representation of this ethnic group and underlined its huge contribution to the culture and heritage of Andalucía

José Luis Piedra

Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 16:16


The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has advocated equality, employability and inclusion of the Gypsy people at an event to celebrate International Gypsy Day (8 April) held at Seville’s San Telmo palace, where he received a representation of this community on Monday 10 April.

Moreno said that the objective "is to improve the social inclusion of the Gypsy population, their training and employability, and also to prevent, block and condemn any form of discrimination".

The Andalusian president praised the role played by this ethnic group in the culture and history of Andalucía, which "cannot be understood without the relevant contribution of the Gypsy population, making this land bigger, more plural, more diverse and valuable”.

Moreno added that "the Gypsy community has left a deep and fertile mark in the field of culture and, most notably, in flamenco, which is a sign of identity of the Andalusian people".

He said: "Gypsy people are no more or less than anyone else and deserve all our respect and tolerance, we believe in equal opportunities because that is what makes society fairer, stronger and more solid, and we are sensitive to the most vulnerable groups or those who need special support in order to achieve this real and effective equality".

Moreno highlighted the role of the Andalusian Council of the Gypsy People, which is in constant contact with the regional government to work together and channel the demands of this group, and said that one of the objectives of this legislature is to take significant and efficient steps to eradicate the lack of respect and tolerance that a part of society still practices against the group.

There are some 350,000 Gypsies living in Andalucía, which represents approximately six per cent of the Andalusian population.





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