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Junta announces new measures and series of recommendations to curb spread of Covid-19 in Andalucía

Following a meeting its 'committee of experts' today, president Juanma Moreno announced that prevention and vigilance will be reinforced in homes for the elderly in view of the increase in cases among workers and residents



Tuesday, 17 January 2023, 13:41


The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, said this Tuesday, 17 January, that new measures would be introduced to combat the spread of Covid-19 in retirement homes in Andalucía.

This was announced by the Andalusian leader after chairing a meeting in Seville of the Regional Committee of High Impact on Public Health, better known as the Junta's 'committee of experts'.

The 'committee of experts' last met seven months ago.

Moreno said that it has been decided to reinforce prevention and surveillance in homes for the elderly.

"Faced with Covid, the recommendation of the experts is clear: vaccination and preparedness are essential," he said on social media networks shortly after the meeting and before appearing before the media.

"Visits from people with symptoms should be avoided. Don't underestimate the virus," Moreno added on his Twitter profile.

Nursing homes will now have to reintroduce the registration of comings and goings, so that they can have control and follow-up of those people who, after having been in the centres, have tested positive for Covid.

The person in charge of publicising these measures, the Junta's Minister of Health Catalina García, stressed the importance of maintaining the use of face masks inside residences (for workers and visitors), in addition to their use on public transportin charge of keeping it active in legal terms. She criticised yesterday's announcement by Spain's Health minister, Carolina Darias, that this measure had little time left. "This is not the time, and if it was, it should be discussed with all the regions," she said.

García also made reference to the use of face masks in public places. Although no mandatory measures have been put in place, the politician recommended its use in closed places where the social distancing cannot be maintained, especially for people with higher risks. Likewise, she announced that the entire health alert strategy (levels zero, one and two) will be extended for one month, and requested a meeting with the central Executive to discuss the new Covid figures. "We ask for the Interterritorial Council to be convened, and that it should be within that the measures are taken," she said.

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