The PP's spokesman Elías Bendodo / SUR

Partido Popular in Andalucía resists calls for early regional elections

Move comes after big wins for Vox in Castilla y León and a weak performance by the PP


The ruling Partido Popular (PP) in Andalucía says it will not bow to pressure from Vox to call early regional elections after the PP narrowly won regional elections in Castilla y León over the weekend by a majority so small, they will likely have to form a government with Vox.

Following the elections in Castilla y León, Vox is demanding that it holds the post of vice-president in the region. PSOE in Andalucía is warning that anyone who votes for the PP in regional elections, scheduled to be held before the end of this year, is in fact casting a vote for a coalition with the far right.


The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno (PP), rules thanks to a coalition formed in 2018 with the Ciudadanos (Cs) party led by Juan Marín. The Cs were decimated in Castilla y León.

Moreno insists he will not call early elections because the PP has a programme of government to pursue. His spokesman Elías Bendodo, said on 14 February that there are no plans to call elections until later this year. "Stability is on the rise, the government pact between the PP and Ciudadanos works and it has to keep rolling until the end," he said.

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, also said early elections are not on the table and the PP remains committed to dialogue with parties on the left and right.

Extreme right

Her PSOE counterpart, Juan Espadas, however warned that anyone who votes for the PP are voting "for a coalition government with the extreme right". The centrist position the PP seeks to occupy “is clearly mortgaged by the coalition that is forged between PP and Vox,” he added.

The current parliament is the first time the centre-right has led the regional government in 36 years as PSOE held a monopoly on power in Andalucía since the end of the Franco era.

PSOE has pledged to regain control at the next ballot which must be held before January 1, 2023, which means unless the PP can secure an outright majority, they will still need coalition partners to maintain their power beyond 2022.