Juanma Moreno, this morning at an event in Seville. / SUR

Juanma Moreno sets the date of the regional elections in Andalucía

After taking a couple of weeks to reflect, the head of the Junta has decided not to wait until autumn and called them five months early

Héctor Barbotta

It was an open secret and this evening it will be confirmed. Andalusians will go to the polls on 19 June to elect the next regional government. The president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, will today (25 April) sign the decree with the electoral call for that date, so the Parliament of Andalucía will be dissolved as of this Tuesday.

Although the original plan was to exhaust the legislature - with the date of the elections provisionally set for 27 November - Moreno has announced an extraordinary meeting of governing council to make the official announcement this evening at 8.30pm, for the public to go to the polls some five months earlier than planned.

The Junta will continue to operate normally until the date of the elections. The Andalusian Parliament, on the other hand, will see its activity reduced. All the bills and initiatives that are in the parliamentary process will stop. If there is a political will to move them forward, they must start from scratch in the new legislature.

Spiralling inflation

With the date of the elections set for 19 June, the deadline for the presentation of candidacies is set for Wednesday, 18 May, and the electoral campaign will begin at 0:00am on 3 June.

Spain’s spiralling inflation and the need to have a new regional budget set as soon as possible was the argument put on the table to support the decision to bring forward the elections, which has opened a gap between Moreno and his vice president, Juan Marín, who preferred that the legislature ran its full term.