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Appeal rejected for woman who said she fell because of spilt wax from Holy Week processions

The Superior Court of Justice of Andalucía upheld a previous judgment from a Seville court


A woman from Seville has had her claim for compensation for a slip on wax against the city council rejected in an appeal to the Superior Court of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA).

In the ruling the appeal court notes that the claimant, a resident of Seville's historic city centre, would be aware of the fact that a large amount of wax is spilt on the streets during Holy Week and that as it is visibile it can be avoided.

The woman previously lodged a claim for compensation against Seville city council at the Court of Administrative Litigation.

She had argued that on April 5, 2015, around 9.30pm, she suffered an accident when walking through the Plaza de la Encarnación "due to the lack of removal of the large amount of wax poured in the street by the Nazarenes [penitents] of Holy Week".

The TSJA ruled stated that the "risk" from the spilt wax is one which "an average user is aware by taking due care".