File photograph of health staff. / SUR

Health boss says that Andalucía 'could possibly move to Level 1 next week' with new Covid restrictions

“Time will tell,” said the Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, as the coronavirus incidence rate continues on an upward curve in the region


The whole of Andalucía is currently at Level 0 risk for coronavirus. However, this situation could change in the coming days. This has been recognised by the region’s Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, who has warned that next week Andalucía "could possibly pass to a Level 1 risk with the associated restrictions."

"But time will tell," he pointed out, saying that the situation would be analysed at a local and health district level. Asked whether the regional government’s committee of experts, which meets this Friday, will take some type of action, Aguirre said, “What we are thinking right now is that the Covid passport will be a useful tool, especially in residential health and social care areas, which we can use to ensure that those who enter are sufficiently vaccinated. I hope the TSJA grants it and we can apply it as soon as possible."

Aguirre has asked for "absolute calm" from the hospitality and leisure sector in the face of the new Covid 'traffic light' system approved this Tuesday on a national basis, since Andalucía "has its own levels" and "will take the measures when we believe them appropriate and when you go from one level to another," he stressed.

Regarding whether mass events are in danger this Christmas, the minister of Health has stated that with the current Covid figures in Andalucía, "we are relatively calm and we hope to have a Christmas as happy and normal as possible."

The Covid curve in Andalucía continues its upward trend and given the latest figures the minister of Health regretted that the rate "is rising slowly, but steadily." A scenario which the Andalusian Government admits to being "quite concerned about, especially seeing the evolution in other European countries."

Aguirre has said, however, that, for now, in the Andalucía hospital occupancy figures are "acceptable". "There is no healthcare pressure," the minister remarked.