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First victory for Partido Popular in a European election in Andalucía

First victory for Partido Popular in a European election in Andalucía

The party completes the round of victories that started in 2022, after being the most voted political force in regional, municipal and general elections

Héctor Barbotta


Monday, 10 June 2024, 12:58

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The European election has confirmed the Partido Popular as the dominant political force in Andalucía. With the elections on Sunday 9 June, the PP-A has completes the board after winning the regional elections in June 2022, the municipal elections in May 2023 and the general elections two months later. It has done so by winning almost 38 per cent of the votes with a lead of more than five points over the PSOE.

For this reason, the leader of the Partido Popular of Andalucía and of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, considered this victory to be historic, confirming the preeminence of the political project that he heads in the region.

The Popular Party's list - with two Andalusian MPs, Carmen Crespo and Juan Ignacio Zoido, winning seats - obtained 1,100,000 votes in Andalucía, which represents 37.86% of the total.

In comparison with the previous European elections, in which it came second in Andalucía with just over 22% of the vote, the Partido Popular achieved an increase of 15 percentage points. As has been the case throughout this electoral cycle, the Partido Popular has absorbed the entire Ciudadanos vote, which definitively disappears from the political map in Andalucía as well, swallowed up by the political force with which it shared the regional government for almost four years. The Partido Popular's growth, however, is not only at the expense of Ciudadanos, as the increase in votes is greater than all those obtained by this party in 2019.

The Socialists have lost 600,000 votes (8.37 points) compared to the previous European elections and now stand at 32.16%, below the average obtained in the last general elections. The results since 2022 confirm that the once dominant party in Andalusian politics is unable to find a way to recover lost ground. Lina Gálvez will be the only Andalusian Socialist member of parliament when the new European Parliament is formed.

One of the most significant developments is the confirmation of Vox as the third political force in the region, consolidated with almost 11% of the votes after overcoming the surprising arrival of activist Alvise Pérez, who, competing in the same ideological space, prevented the growth of Abascal's party from being even greater.

The list of this agitator, the group Se Acabó la Fiesta (The Party's Over), obtained 6.21% of the votes in Andalucía, relegating the two left-wing parties, Sumar and Podemos, which, weighed down by their division, are far behind the third place obtained five years ago.

With 5.09% and without even reaching 150,000 votes, Sumar is in fifth place, while Podemos is left with 81,266 votes and barely 2.79%. In 2019, the Podemos-IU list had managed to win more than 440,000 votes.

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