The Reina Sofía hospital. / E.P.

First monkeypox virus death recorded in Andalucía, the second in Spain

The victim, a 31-year-old man, had been admitted to the intensive care unit at the Reina Sofía university hospital in Cordoba


The Junta de Andalucía's Ministry of Health has confirmed that a 31-year-old man has died of monkeypox virus, the first death from the virus in the region. He had been admitted to the intensive care unit at the Reina Sofía university hospital in Cordoba.

There are currently 525 confirmed cases of monkeypox in Andalucía, with the highest number being in Malaga (246), Seville (115) and Cadiz (60) provinces. According to the National Epidemiological Network (RENAVE) of Spain, a total of 4,298 cases have been recorded in the country so far.

Of the 3,750 monkeypox cases for which information is available, 120 people were admitted to hospital and two have died.

This first death in Andalucía is the second in Spain. Both victims were men and died of encephalitis associated with the monkeypox virus.

The figures show that 3,458 patients for whom information is available were men who have sex with other men, and the report says that close contact in the context of a sexual relationship “was the most probable means of transmission” in 2,253 of these cases, although others contracted the virus through non-sexual contact. It appears that 560 people had attended a crowded event of some type shortly before their symptoms appeared.

Spain, one of the countries most affected

The government has warned that Spain is “currently one of the countries most affected by the monkeypox virus", and the number of cases is rising.

Madrid (1,656) and Catalonia (1,406) are the regions with the most cases of monkeypox virus. They are followed by Andalucía, Valencian region (213), Canary Islands (102), Basque Country (98), Balearic Islands (89), Aragon (45), Galicia (37), Asturias (36), Castilla y León (31) , Castilla-La Mancha (23), Extremadura (20), Murcia (19), Cantabria (15), Navarra (8) and La Rioja (2).

Health Minister Carolina Darias explained recently that although most cases of monkeypox so far have been among homosexuals, if transmission is not controlled there is a high risk that it will pass to other groups of the population, and there could be serious cases among the vulnerable people.