Marifrán Carrazo / sur

Application period for energy-saving improvement grants in Andalucía opens in September

The Junta said that subsidies will also be available for the construction of energy-efficient and affordable rental properties, with the cash coming from EU Next Generation funds


The Junta de Andalucía's Minister for Development, Marifrán Carazo, has announced that the application period will open in September for grants for energy-saving improvements in homes and the construction of energy-efficient and affordable rental housing. The regional government plans to finance these from its allocation of the EU Next Generation funds.

The Ecovivienda Plan includes 373 million euros in grants, of which 200 million are for residential and urban modernisation and the remainder are for the construction of energy-efficient rental homes. The money paid by owners and other administrations towards these projects will generate an overall investment of 622 million euros. The funds have to be used by June 2026.

The scheme includes grants for individuals and communities of owners to finance projects such as replacing windows and blinds, thermal insulation, improvements to outside walls and roofs, the installation of solar panels and any other measure to reduce emissions and, of course, electricity bills.

The College of Architects in Malaga is setting up an office to advise people about these grants, which will be for 40%, 65% or 80% of the cost per property, depending on the level of savings in non-renewable primary consumption they will achieve, which must be at least 30%.