The aim is to achieve 50 donations per million of the population. sur
Eighty-five per cent of families in Andalucía authorise organ donations

Eighty-five per cent of families in Andalucía authorise organ donations

Since the programme began in the region, 20,000 transplants have been carried out, including kidney, liver and heart, and the health service says donations are vitally important in order to save others

J.L. Piedra


Thursday, 2 June 2022, 12:42


Andalucía is one of the regions of Spain with the highest number of organ donations and so far this year, 85% of families in Andalucía have authorised this procedure which aims to save lives and improve the quality of life of the many people who are in need.

According to the regional Ministry of Health and Families, since the organ transplant programme began, more than 20,000 transplants have been carried out. Most of these were kidney transplants (13,000), followed by liver transplants (4,928). There have also been 1,265 heart transplants, 761 lung transplants and 469 pancreas transplants.

In addition, there have been 60,000 transplants of different tissues such as corneas, bone and tendon tissue, heart valves, skin and amniotic membrane among others, as well as haematopoietic progenitors, including bone marrow transplants.

If things continue in the same way, next year there will be around 50 organ donors per one million of the population and that is the target that the National Transplant Organisation (ONT) has set for Spain in 2023.

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