Drunk driver arrested following hit-and-run death of electric scooter rider in Andalucía

Eye witnesses told the police the motorist drove off after colliding with the 18-year-old on a pedestrian crossing in Seville


Police in Seville have arrested a man, 40, who is accused of causing the death of a teenager in a hit-and-run incident in the early hours of Wednesday, 21 December, in the Los Pajaritos district of the city.

The driver was three times over the drink-drive limit and tested positive for drugs.

Several people called the police to report that a car had hit a young man on an electric scooter at 1.20am and had then driven off without stopping. When officers arrived on the scene they found the 18-year-old unconscious on the ground. An ambulance was called but the victim was dead when paramedics arrived.

Pedestrian crossing

Witnesses said the car had hit the rider of the scooter while he was on a pedestrian crossing. They were able to give the police a description of the vehicle and the officers found it parked not far away. After ascertaining who the owner was from the database, plain clothes officers were assigned to find him.

It didn't prove difficult. They located him wandering around nearby, in an evident state of intoxication. He tried to run away when he realised that they were the police, but was easily caught, and a breathalyser test showed that he was three times over the limit. He also tested positive for drugs and confirmed that he had taken several substances during the evening.