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Día de Andalucía: Spanish pop singer performs regional anthem after being named 'favourite son'

David Bisbal, from Almeria, performed the song at a Junta ceremony on 28 February in Seville, when he was also awarded the 'Hijo Predilecto' title

Monday, 27 February 2023


Almeria singer David Bisbal admitted a few days ago feeling «very excited» about being made a Hijo Predilecto (favourite son) of «my land, Andalucía» and promised fans that he would «return the work, effort and affection» he has always received from his fellow Andalusians.

The singer has now released a new version of the Andalucía anthem which he performed today at the Maestranza theatre in Seville on Andalucía Day, 28 February; the same date that he was officially recognised by the Junta as a 'favourite son' of the region, along with the late artist Lola Flores, who received a posthumous award.

Bisbal has enjoyed a year spanning 20 years and has won 80 national and international awards. In 2006, the singer received the Andalucía medal.

The singer was also been recognised as a 'favourite son' of the City of Almeria yesterday, 27 February, at a ceremony held at the Maestro Padilla Municipal Auditorium, to which 400 residents of the city were invited.

Last year the Junta de Andalucía awarded the distinction to composer Manuel Alejandro and the singer and composer Alejandro Sanz and the previous year it was given to the singer Raphael.

The institutional act of 28 February in Seville also awarded Medals of Andalucía 2023 to Pilar Távora, director, producer and scriptwriter; the bullfighter Manuel Benítez 'El Cordobés'; the music group Siempre Así; the honorary president of Grupo Azvi, Manuel Contreras, and the MAS Group, among others.


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