The gang smuggled drugs from Spain to France / Guardia Civil

Criminal gang that used helicopters to fly drugs from Spain to France is dismantled

Eleven people arrested after joint Spanish, French and Europol operation


A French gang that operated a sophisticated drugs trafficking ring has been dismantled in Malaga. Eleven people were arrested, including five Spaniards. The operation was conducted by the Guardia Civil, their French counterparts and Europol.

The Guardia Civil began monitoring the gang in 2020 and soon closed in on their illegal activities. As a result, 2.4 tonnes of hashish and 112 kilos of marijuana were intercepted.

The police closed on the gang’s activities, sometimes involving high-speed chases where the police netted 329 kilos of hashish, and another incident when the Guardia Civil detected a helicopter in Torremolinos without a flight plan that came from Morocco carrying 211 kilos of drugs. The landing and maintenance point for the aircraft was in the remote Casares area.

The gang also used false ID documents, and further investigations led to the interception of a truck carrying 419 kilos of drugs in Narbonne, France.

The Guardia Civil also discovered 327 kilos of hashish in Baza, Granada, and 860 kilos of hashish in Chauchina, also in Granada.