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Woman injured in dog attack in Granada town
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Woman injured in dog attack in Granada town

The large dog bit the Salobreña resident on the arm while she was walking in a rural area of Matagallares

Pilar García-Trevijano

Tuesday, 14 May 2024, 14:46


A 66-year-old woman was injured when a dog attacked her in Salobreña, Granada province. The incident occurred on the afternoon of Sunday 12 May when the woman was walking her own dog in the Matagallares countryside.

The large black Labrador-type dog, which was on its own on the road bit the woman's right arm several times. A couple who happened to be in the area at the time managed to get the dog away from the woman by hitting the dog with a stick. The animal fled and the woman was treated at the local health centre. She is having treatment for her injuries and recovering well. She reported the incident to the Guardia Civil on Monday.

Several residents have reported the frequent presence of the dog in Matagallares which has a collar, but is free to roam in the area. The local Platadorma para la Defensa de la Seguridad (platform for the defence of safety) has warned local residents who frequent the cota 200 area of the road to exercise caution until they locate the animal.

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