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The strange case of the angry goat in the popular Alpujarra hiking area of Spain

Three foreign walkers claimed they were attacked by an animal in the municipality of Trevélez (Granada), but some locals have cast doubts on their version of the events

José R. Villalba


Tuesday, 13 June 2023, 11:21

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A week ago an animal attacked three people, two Belgian men and a Dutch woman, in the popular Alpujarra hiking area in the south of Spain.

The latter was finally rescued after five hours of searching for her with the Guardia Civil helicopter and a GREIM mountain team from Granada.

She was found suffering from hypothermia at around 9.30pm on the ledge of a mountain pass which had a fifty-metre drop below in the vicinity of the Culo Perro river, in Trevélez. The GREIM officers also had to rescue the two Belgians, who claimed they were also attacked by the animal.

None of the three foreigners could tell the police what animal it was, which sparked speculation at the time. Some spoke of a ram, others of a mountain goat and some of a billy goat.

Members of the GREIM team then received a video from the tour agency hired by the three victims showing a herd of goats, including a billy goat, encountered by a group of hikers in Trevélez the day before the attack. The Dutch woman said she recognised the goat in the video as the attacker.

However, there are doubts among some of the locals of Trevélez and livestock farmers in the area that it could have been a billy goat or even that there was an attack.

According to sources consulted, mountain goats do not usually attack people, there are no rams in the area and domestic goats are quite a distance away from the area where these three people were attacked.

"Here in Trevélez there are no sheep, so it is almost impossible for a ram to have attacked these hikers. Here we are used to living with mountain goats and we have never heard of one attacking anyone, on the contrary, they run away when they see a person," said the mayor of Trevélez, Adrián Gallegos Segura.

The local delegate of the environment department reported that the day after the alleged attack, forestry agents of the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park were on the lookout to see whether or not there were any wayward goats with the desire to attack. They saw nothing at all.

The only livestock farmer in the area near the Culo Perro river told the Guardia Civil who came to the rescue of the three hikers that the only domestic goats in the area are on the other side of the slope. There is a big distance between the area where the hikers were found and them, according to the locals consulted by Ideal.

No complaint filed

The three hikers, victims of the alleged attack by a goat, met the night before at a hotel in Trevélez. Between the three of them, their ages added up to over 180 years old according to Trevélez locals consulted, and they drank wine until late into the night.

The next morning they set off on the walk together. It is claimed that the two Belgians were attacked because they attempted to fend off the goat when it tried to gore the Dutch woman.

Meanwhile, none of the three foreigners has filed a complaint about the alleged attack and no one has found the offending animal, at least so far. It is a very strange case.

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