Emergency service rescue teams haul wild boar to safety from swimming pool on Spain's Costa Tropical

Emergency service rescue teams haul wild boar to safety from swimming pool on Spain's Costa Tropical

In a 24-hour operation Granada province firefighters, Guardia Civil police and environmental officers finally managed retrieve the two females and their offspring after they became trapped in La Herradura

Pilar García-Trevijano

Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 18:16


A herd of wild boar that had become trapped in an empty pool in La Herradura on Granada province's Costa Tropical have been rescued and are safe and well according to provincial firefighters who were involved in the tricky operation.

The rescue took place on Monday 15 April, after the animals were spotted on an uninhabited farm and the Guardia Civil police force was notified. The six wild boars, two adults and four young, which were in a chalet located in the area known as Pago de Guerra, have now been reintroduced into the wild after a 24-hour-operation.

Initially the local fire brigade tried to rescue them without success. However, on Tuesday work continued to get the animals out of the pool and eventually they were safely rescued alive.

According to Eduardo Martos, coordinator of the provincial fire brigade, the Guardia Civil, fire brigade and environmental officers gave the animals food and water throughout the rescue.

Fire officers threw planks of wood into the pool to act as a ramp and filled part of the pool with earth to prevent the animals from slipping. When the two adult females were calm a number of workers entered the pool to catch the young. Then ropes were thrown in to the pool to catch the adults and pull them up the ramps.

Martos pointed out that the operation was difficult and involved seven people to avoid harm to the animals and to those involved. At one point the team thought they may have to contact a vet to sedate the animals, but in the end this was not necessary. The fire brigade cannot explain how the six animals were able to fall into the hole in the pool and, above all, escape unharmed.

This is not the first action of this type that the provincial fire brigade has had to deal with, although it is the first involving wild boar. Last week the fire brigade helped a shepherd to get his goats out of a ravine.

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