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The is the Andalucía-based company that has once again been judged one of the best places to work in Spain

The is the Andalucía-based company that has once again been judged one of the best places to work in Spain

Among other benefits, the Granada tech business raises staff salaries by 3,000 euros every year and it also makes a psychologist available to its workforce

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Thursday, 28 March 2024, 17:43


Granada-based tech company Cívica has been named one of the best companies to work for in Spain in the Best Workplaces Ranking for the third year running.

The prestigious awards ceremony, which has been running for 22 years, was held at the Casa de Mónico in Madrid by the Great Place to Work consultancy firm, a leader in the construction and certification of Excellent Places to Work.

For this year's competition 423 companies of different sizes and sectors were analysed, which involved the opinion of more than 394,231 employees. To be included in the ranking, the employees' assessment of the company has to be at least 70 per cent Trust (Trust Index 1).

In addition, the companies must provide information on the policies and practices on the care and management of its staff. In this sense, Civica employees affirm that the company is a Great Place to Work, obtaining a Trust Index of 90 per cent.

Cívica has obtained this recognition following an analysis of the organisational environment and a specific evaluation of its people management culture. It proved that it is an organisation with a culture of high trust where staff are motivated to give their best.

In 2023 Cívica Software was awarded the Better Business Best Workplace Award, whose selection criteria is based on pride and credibility. Great Place to Work also values the company for inspiring employees to live the company's vision, mission and values.

Job profiles

The staff profile of 'civic@s', as they call their professionals are computer engineers, telecommunications engineers, web developers, statisticians, physicists and mathematicians, with an average age of 32. Seventy-five per cent are men and 25 per cent women, above the average for the sector, which is very male dominated.

Half of the staff are based in Granada and the rest are distributed throughout Spain, mainly in Madrid, Malaga and A Coruña. In a sector where companies compete globally, they have professionals of various nationalities other than Spanish.

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