Children in the beginners' area in Borreguiles, which will be rearranged this season. Alfredo Aguilar
Major 20-million-euro modernisation plan unveiled for Granada's Sierra Nevada ski resort

Major 20-million-euro modernisation plan unveiled for Granada's Sierra Nevada ski resort

The ski resort's management company will embark on an ambitious upgrade programme ahead of the 2024/2025 winter skiing season, and this is what is planned

Mercedes Navarrete

Tuesday, 2 July 2024, 18:01

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"Investing in the Sierra Nevada ski resort is not an option, it is an obligation". This is the maxim that Cetursa's management has repeated every day since 2018, when they took over the reins of Granada province's ski resort which, according to their diagnosis, had considerably deteriorated and had an investment deficit of one hundred million euros that had accumulated over the last decade.

The project to modernise facilities was set out in the 2020-2030 Strategic Plan, with the aim of making the winter resort more profitable, more accessible and at the same time more sustainable taking into account the reality of climate change.

This roadmap foresees investments of 150 million euros in different phases until 2030, to continuously transform and improve the resort's infrastructure and also to increase its accommodation, to bring it up to standard.

Last season the Junta de Andalucía used European Next Generation funds to implement the most ambitious investment programme in the history of the resort, with more than 32 million euros in a single season. The snow production system and snow machines were renovated and the Al Ándalus gondola ski lift opened.

Now Cetursa plans to reinvest the twelve-million-euro profit from last season and will once again receive an injection of European funds that will enable it to carry out further projects over summer to get it ready for the 2024-2025 season.

Cable car cabin renovation

One of the main projects will be the renovation of the cabins of the Borreguiles cable car, which runs between Plaza de Andalucía and Pradollano to Borreguiles and runs parallel to the new Al-Ándalus lift, which opened in December last year.

All the cabins will be changed so that next season skiers will travel in modernised lifts that allow up to eight people per cabin which will have panoramic windows. The investment will exceed two million euros.

Beginner skiers

Another change that Cetursa's management has announced for next season will be the reorganisation of the Borreguiles area for beginner skiers. More activities will be included and the main aim is to reinforce the leisure offer for the more than 300,000 visitors to the Sierra Nevada who do not ski or for families who want to visit with children.

Restaurant reopening

Another investment for the 2024/25 season is to reopen the Nevasol restaurant which has been closed for four years due to structural problems. The restaurant has been demolished and the construction of a new one has already been put out to tender and will involve an investment of two million euros.

Other improvements planned for next season are improvements to the Pradollano underground car park as well as advances in digitalisation such as the queue counting system, which will make it possible to know exactly how long people have to wait for the resort's main ski lifts.

Flood lighting for night skiing

The flood lighting will be modernised on the Río ski slope to allow night skiing. The current lights will be replaced by efficient, energy-saving lighting that will include environmental protection systems so that they do not affect the resort's telescopes.

Cetursa's central offices will be moved to the Montebajo Club, a building which has been empty for fifteen years and will be fitted out to accommodate staff. The current headquarters, in Plaza de Andalucía, will be used as a hotel, a project which is already in the pipeline.

Finally the Parador chairlift, which alone will require an investment of more than 30 million euros will be replaced by a gondola lift that will triple its capacity and will reach the Peñones car park, when the Pradollano is full. The project should be put out to tender in the next two or three years.

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