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Granada town finalises project to build an underwater park
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Granada town finalises project to build an underwater park

The tourist attraction, valued at more than 100,000 euros, will cover 15,000 square metres off Casarones beach in Rubite

Pilar García-Trevijano

Friday, 12 April 2024, 15:09


Rubite town hall in Granada province is finalising the project to build an underwater park off its coast. After years of paperwork and reports the town hall hopes to be able to open the tourist attraction to the public in June this year.

The park will cover an area of around 15,000 square metres which will be developed around 14 metres from the shore off the town's Casarones beach, according to the mayor Arsenio Vázquez.

In order to erect the underwater museum, several non-polluting decorative items will be sunk. The council is still looking into the environmental impact of sinking a shipwreck and what materials can be used.

Raise awareness

Vázquez says that the underwater park will also serve to raise awareness about the natural environment. An environmental impact report has been written for the project, developed by the University of Granada and Granada's provincial authority, the Diputación de Granada, and is awaiting the approval of some administrations, including the Junta de Andalucía.

Rubite town council has pointed out that the project has suffered delays because it has been difficult for them to raise funds, as it is a small municipality. At least 100,000 euros of investment will be needed to develop the attraction.

Rubite is hoping to attract tourism through the underwater park. The village was traditionally a wine-making area. However, over the years the large vineyards were gradually destroyed, the population emigrated and the property was divided into smallholdings. As well as the vineyards, the locals planted almond trees and other dry land crops that have helped generations of local people make a living.


The town hall wants to promote its El Lance and Casarones beaches but faces stiff competition from the nearby more established resorts of Almuñécar-La Herradura and Salobreña. However, Almuñécar has received a million euros in Next Generation funds funding for its own underwater park.

It will be located at Peñón del Lobo, near El Muerto Beach and will be at a distance of approximately 200 metres from the coast at a depth of between 15 and 25 metres. Some 300 structures are planned for the seabed. The idea is to place a base of stones and columns to recreate a sunken city, where there will also be replicas of archaeological remains.

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