The horse lying trapped in the ditch. Bomberos de Granada
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Watch as firefighters in Spain use a turntable ladder to help rescue a horse after it became trapped in a ditch

Onlookers applauded the fire service rescuers, once the animal was safely back on its feet, following the tricky recovery operation in Granada on Sunday

Carlos Morán

Monday, 8 April 2024, 14:44


Firefighters in Granada have rescued a horse that fell into a ditch after the recent heavy rains. The horse had fallen into the ditch which was hidden under thick yellow and green undergrowth that covers the Vega de Granada after the recent heavy rain.

The incident happened in the morning of Sunday 7 April on a country estate near Granada city. The horse was trotting along a country road when it fell into the ditch. When the owner of the horse saw what had happened, he alerted the emergency services and Granada's provincial fire brigade raced to the rescue.

After assessing the situation, the rescuers decided to use the turntable ladder on the fire engine as a crane to extract the animal from the ditch. They attached straps to the end of the ladder and tied the animal's legs with them. It was a complex, laborious and delicate operation, but it proved effective.

A round of applause from the locals

A few minutes later, the horse was safely back on its feet, a good sign that it had survived the ordeal without serious injury. The fire brigade still had to retrieve the straps tied to the horse's legs, which proved difficult as the animal was naturally stressed by its ordeal.

Once they had been removed the rescuers were applauded by local residents who had come to watch the unusual operation.

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