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Bull run event in Spain leaves two people injured, one hospitalised in a serious condition
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Bull run event in Spain leaves two people injured, one hospitalised in a serious condition

The traditional Toro de Cuerda of Benamahoma, in Andalucía's Cadiz province, was finally held last weekend after being postponed due to heavy rain on Easter Sunday

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Tuesday, 7 May 2024, 11:16


Back on Easter Sunday, the town hall and the local bull-running association (Asociación del Toro de Cuerda de Benamahoma) suspended the release of the bulls scheduled due to the likelihood of heavy rain. The organisers of this traditional event, which attracts hundreds of people every year, set a new date for the event: 5 May. And it finally went ahead as planned last Sunday, albeit later than expected.

The local committee responsible for safety and security met prior to the event at Benamahoma town hall to finalise the arrangements for the release of the bulls, following the postponement. The mayor, Carlos Javier García, chaired the meeting, together with the deputy mayor Mamen Fernández. The Guardia Civil were represented by their sergeant from El Bosque, and the head of the Local Police force was also present.

This year a larger number of people were expected in Benamahoma as the event was being held later than its usual date, Easter Sunday, which always coincides with other similar events in other parts of the province.

The town hall estimated that around 2,500 people would arrive in Benamahoma for the weekend. About thirty people, including several teams from the Guardia Civil, Local Police, Civil Protection volunteers, health workers and Toro de Cuerda association members were responsible for ensuring public safety during the day.

The bull runs, according to local sources, resulted in two people being injured. One of them, who was seriously injured, was hospitalised in Jerez. The other injury was minor, and the casualty underwent minor surgery at the medical treatment unit set up for the event.

As with every event of this kind that takes place in Cadiz province, there were voices against this type of event, calling for it to be banned as animal abuse, and there were those voices that called out to defend the custom against all odds.

Bulls released

There were two bulls in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first one, at 12 noon, was Desbocado, from the El Torero bull-breeding ranch. The starting-line was the bullring. The second bull was released at 1pm from Calle Nacimiento. Named Jalado, from the Fuente Ymbro stud farm. The third and last bull was Barbero from the Gavira stud farm, which ran out from Calle Nacimiento early evening (6pm).

During the morning running of the bulls two rockets were fired: the first one as the first bull ran out and the second one as they ended the running of the second bull.

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