A pet dog running along a sandy beach.
These are the beaches in Andalucía's Cadiz province that you can visit with your dog
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These are the beaches in Andalucía's Cadiz province that you can visit with your dog

Make the most of the good weather now, because high summer season (1 June to 30 September) means access to beaches for our furry friends is more restricted

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 12:07


The beaches in Cadiz province , with miles and miles of sand, are the perfect place to take your pet. Especially now that, with the arrival of spring and the good weather, the temperatures are begging you to go for walks and enjoy the great outdoors with them.

However, this idyllic picture can crumble before our very eyes if we are not fully aware of the regulations on beaches and dogs because we can be fined.

Let us start by saying that people with guide dogs have the legally recognised right throughout Spain to access all places, spaces, establishments and public or public transport with their special dog. Beaches are no exception and guide dogs are allowed on all beaches of Cadiz province all year round.

These dogs are always allowed access but have to wear regulatory identification tags. A total of 22 ONCE guide dogs can currently accompany blind people in Cadiz, providing them with full independence and keeping them safe when moving around as these dogs become their eyes. There are 159 guide dogs in Andalucía and almost a thousand in Spain.

That said, let's move on to those dogs whose main job is to be our pet and provide us with companionship, affection and protection.

Dog-friendly beaches in Cadiz

Camposoto beach is one of the few canine beaches in the province of Cadiz. This dog-friendly beach is just off junction 8 of the road into San Fernando. Once at that beach, dogs can run free because they are inside a fenced enclosure. Outside the enclosure they must be kept on a lead. Owners are also required to pick up their poop, keep them under control, have their vaccinations up to date so no risk to other dogs there and, if your dog is classed as a dangerous breed (PPP), it must be kept on a lead and muzzled.

The second official dog beach in the province is La Concha in Algeciras . Since 2019 the city council of Algeciras has allocated this area south of Rinconcillo beach for dogs, in the area closest to the port. A space of fine sand and calm waters that has a grassy lawn on the upper part where you can do some sports.

Doggy season? Dates vary...

There are other towns in Cadiz province that allow pet dogs to enter provided that the same conditions are met as for the rest of the town's public highways and byways. These are as follows:

Permitted subject to conditions

  • - Barbate

  • - Chipiona: allowed from 2 November to 27 February

  • - La Línea de la Concepción

  • - Rota

  • - San Fernando

  • - Sanlúcar de Barrameda

  • - Vejer de la Frontera

Ban on high season entry (1 June to 30 September)

  • - Algeciras

  • - Cadiz city

  • - Chiclana de la Frontera

  • - Conil de la Frontera

  • - El Puerto de Santa María

  • - Los Barrios

  • - Puerto Real

  • - San Roque

  • - Tarifa (horses are included in this ban)

- See the Regulations on Hygiene and Health Surveillance of Maritime Bathing Waters and Areas of the Junta de Andalucía.


For any visit to the beach with a dog, it is important to be proactive and responsible for your pet's needs. It is therefore essential to have a bowl with drinking water, avoid the hottest hours and make sure your pet does not drink seawater. And of course, keep the beaches clean and control your pets to avoid problems getting along with other beach-goers.

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