Ecologists slam 'environmental destruction' by Mojácar bypass works

Ecologists slam 'environmental destruction' by Mojácar bypass works

"The worst damage is being done in the area least visible from the road," which they consider an act of "bad faith"

A. Maldonado


Monday, 8 January 2024, 13:03


An ecologist organisation has publicly denounced environmental damage being caused by works on the new coastal bypass in the Almeria town of Mojácar.

"In work on the Mojácar coastal bypass, major and unacceptable clearing work is being carried out, affecting sensitive areas with three habitats listed as of regional interest, precisely where the Junta had reported unfavourably on branch roads that would allow the continuation of the bypass," said the Coordinadora Ecologista Almeriense.

According to the group, this action is causing "environmental devastation".

"Given that the unfavourable report from the Junta de Andalucía had recently been taken on board by the town hall, which is mainly responsible for the project, and it removed the branch from the latest version of the PGOU [town masterplan], bad faith is evident on the part of both the town hall and the Junta's public works department and the company carrying out the project," said the ecologists in a statement.

"By destroying the ecosystem, the work is effectively preparing the land for the development of the branch road to the beach that the town hall had proposed and that the environment department of the Junta had rejected."

In addition, according to the group, "there is a total lack of environmental measures, such as a survey for spur-thighed tortoises", and it considers that there is a conspicuous absence of protection measures on the construction site, which raises "enormous clouds of dust that the wind blows towards nearby houses and fields".

In addition, according to the group, the bulldozers have "invaded an area wider than that mapped" and have created "enormous mounds more than ten metres high that create a disproportionate impact and segregation of sensitive ecosystems, as well as a devastating impact on the landscape".

All this, they said, "for nothing, as it is a road that is only intended to give access to future urban developments that the Junta has so far not approved, and rightly so, as they are located in extremely sensitive areas with three protected habitats".

They also said, "The greatest damage is being done in the least visible and most hidden area, further away from the road," which they consider "another act of bad faith, given that there is an administrative appeal under way against the bypass, filed by Salvemos Mojácar".

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