The Alhendín recycling plant in Granada. / IDEAL

Corpse, wearing football boots and hospital gown, appears on conveyor belt at Andalusian recycling plant

Guardia Civil officers do not yet know the identity of the male victim, described as 'possibly in his forties'


Workers at a recycling plant in Andalucia made a grim discovery on Wednesday afternoon when a dead body appeared on a conveyor belt at the Alhendín waste recycling treatment site in Granada.

Sources said that the corpse was that of a man, possibly in his forties, wearing football boots and a thin robe, of the kind usually used for patients admitted to hospitals or care facilities.

Guardia Civil officers are working to try to identify the victim but have already said that the fingerprints do not match any of those held on the databases of Spain’s police forces.

It is believed that the man may have been dead for about a week, and the initial examination did not reveal any apparent signs of violence. An autopsy will now be held to try and discover the cause of death.

Meanwhile, police investigations will focus on the routes taken by the lorries that collect materials for recycling in the mornings and deliver to the recycling plant in the afternoon.