Consumer affairs body offers these useful tips when booking hotels and tourist accommodation in Spain this summer
Online booking

Consumer affairs body offers these useful tips when booking hotels and tourist accommodation in Spain this summer

The Junta de Andalucía's series of recommendations are for people who make their holiday bookings online, with this becoming more popular every year

Raquel Merino


Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 22:35


The Junta de Andalucía's directorate general for consumer affairs, Consumo, has offered a series of tips for people this summer when booking hotels and tourist accommodation. The recommendations are for people who make their reservations online, with this format becoming more popular each year.

One of the most important recommendations is to save the booking confirmation on your mobile phone, as well as all communications made during the booking process (emails, acknowledgements of receipt, etc.) and documentation of promotions, discounts or similar. In this way, in the event of any incident with the hotel or the booking platform, or if the user finds that what was contracted does not correspond to the services provided, there will always be the possibility of making a complaint.

If the booking has been made through a travel agency, the claim must be filed with that agency. On the other hand, if it has been done directly with the tourist accommodation or with a booking platform, the claim will be filed with one or the other, respectively.

Search and compare for a better offer

As the advertisement of a well-known online platform says: "Search, compare and if you find something better, buy it". Basic, but effective. Consumo recommends comparing prices and conditions in different hotel establishments, either through the website or through search engines and price comparison sites available on the internet. Reading the comments and opinions of other users is also effective.

When choosing the ideal holiday accommodation, it is important to consider details such as its location, the conditions offered by the place, the transport options and shopping facilities available nearby, as well as its distance from tourist attractions.

Before proceeding with payment, it is necessary to know in detail the contracting conditions, paying special attention to the existence of possible additional charges, and to the cancellation policy, reservation changes and possible claims.

But, above all, Consumo recommends not rushing into booking, always opting for secure websites if you book online and choose establishments that are members of the Junta de Andalucía's consumer arbitration system. It is always preferable to plan the booking in advance taking these aspects into account to try to avoid setbacks such as finding yourself without a places to stay, or paying more than you should.

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