The man collapsed while walking in the Sierra Almijara mountains in Granada province on Tuesday / sur

Body of hiker recovered after suffering a heart attack on mountain

The 57-year-old victim collapsed while walking in the Sierra Almijara with two other people


The Guardia Civil and mountain rescue experts recovered the body of a 57-year-old man on Tuesday from the summit of the Pico Lucero mountain in the Sierra de Almijara mountain range.

The man collapsed at around 1.45pm after apparently suffering a heart attack, while hiking on the Pico Lucero, or Raspón de los Moriscos, as it is also known, on the Alhama de Granada side of the mountain range. He was with two other people.

One of the victim’s companions called the emergency services, while the other performed CPR. They tried to resuscitate the man for more than half an hour, but without success.

The Guardia Civil responded to the call immediately by sending a helicopter with two specialists from the Granada mountain rescue service. However, due to thick cloud they were unable land close to the scene despite several attempts.

Upon hearing that the mountaineer had died, they took the helicopter back to the airport and mountain rescue experts returned to the site on foot to retrieve the body.

It took the service approximately an hour and a half to descend the mountain, carrying the body on a stretcher to where off-road patrol vehicles were waiting. They then had to transfer the deceased to a funeral vehicle which was waiting to take charge of the body at the bottom of the mountain.