The maximum temperatures registered on Thursday, 27 April. Aemet / Video: Atlas

Cordoba touches 39C degrees and sets new April temperature record for Spain

State weather agency Aemet is warning records could be broken again today (Friday), with forecasts of temperatures of up to 15 degrees above normal ​​in southern parts of the Spanish mainland

José Antonio Guerrero


Friday, 28 April 2023, 09:14


The 38.8C that was registered at the official weather station at Cordoba airport around 5pm on Thursday, 27 April, has beaten the highest April temperature recorded in Spain. The previous highest was recorded in Elche in 2011 with 38.6ºC.

Of the ten highest maximum temperatures in Spain on Thursday, four were registered in the Andalusian province of the same name, which also registered the second highest, in the town of Fuente Palmera, with 38.5ºC. Another four of the highest were in Seville province (the maximum 37.8ºC in Écija), one more in Jaén (Andújar, with 37.5ºC) and another in Badajoz, (Don Benito, with 37.3ºC).

This episode of heat that since Monday has swept the entire Spanish mainland with highs typical of summer is breaking April temperature records in dozens of cities and towns across Spain. In Cordoba city yesterday 38ºC was reached, four more than the 34ºC of April 2017; in Seville, 37ºC, compared to the 35.4 registered on April 30, 1997, and Badajoz, with 36.1ºC, also exceeded 35.4ºC on that same date. And Toledo, with 34ºC, two degrees more than its previous record, which dated from April 29, 2005. And further north, in Valladolid, where 30ºC had never been reached in April, this barrier was exceeded.

But if Thursday has been the hottest day in April since records have been kept in about thirty provinces, Spain’s state weather agency is warning that these same records could be broken again today, Friday 28 April, with a new rise in night and day temperatures. Aemet forecasts up to 15 degrees above the usual values ​​in parts of the south of the mainland, and tropical nights in which the thermometer will not drop below 20ºC in provincial cities such as Jaén and Málaga. Faced with this situation, it warns of the "very high" risk of fires and calls for extreme care to be taken in this regard.

This current episode of high temperatures is expected to continue until Sunday, when the thermometers are expected to begin to drop.

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