Anti-vaccination mother who kidnapped her children hands them over to Spanish police

The boys have been reunited with their father after they were tracked down to a municipality in Portugal


The mother of the two boys who abducted them from Seville to prevent them from being vaccinated against Covid-19 has handed them over to police on 5 January. She was immediately arrested for the alleged crime of parental abduction.

The woman and children were tracked down to a municipality in Portugal. Spanish Guardia Civil police in cooperation with their Portuguese counterparts began searching the area this week.

But the woman took the boys, aged 14 and 12, to a police station instead. The father had alerted police in San Juan de Aznalfarache to the boys’ disappearance in early November.

The parents shared joint custody of the boys. But that arrangement was ordered to end by the court after the mother took the boys and the father was granted temporary sole custody.