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All Andalusian provinces now sit at Level 0 of the coronavirus health alert

Cordoba was the only province that remained on alert Level 1 due to its infection data


Wednesday, 30 March 2022, 19:41

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All the health districts of Andalucía are once again at coronavirus health alert Level 0. At a time in the pandemic in which the incidence rate of infections is becoming less and less relevant, the region once again presents optimal epidemiological data. Cordoba was the only Andalusian province that was still at Level 1 for almost a month, due to the Covid-19 incidence rate in the Guadalquivir and Córdoba health districts, and the North and South health areas.

In Andalucía there are no longer any restrictions on capacity, opening hours or mobility, except for the use of face masks indoors. Spain’s Cabinet agreed on 8 February to eliminate the use of masks outdoors, and to end their use in school breaks and playgrounds, provided that the safety distance can be respected and there are no crowds.

After today's meetings of the Public Health Alert Committees in the eight provinces, the new health alert levels are applicable from the morning of Thursday, 31 March, and until 00:00 on April 28.

The Ministry of Health and Families decided to implement Level 0 throughout Andalucía following the established epidemiological indicators (cumulative incidence – AI - rate at 14 days, AI at 7 days, AI at 14 days in those over 65 years of age, PDIA tests, intensive care bed occupation, rate of hospitalisation and vaccination coverage).

In all the provinces at Level 0, the regulation established for cinemas, theatres and establishments intended for public shows, “the circulation of people through the premises must be organised in such a way that the interpersonal safety distance is respected. The opening of doors will be carried out sufficiently in advance to allow staggered entrance and the exit of the public must be carried out in a staggered manner by zones, guaranteeing the safety distance between people, and must be indicated by appropriate signage” will be dropped.

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