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Andalusian exit poll gives PP and Juanma Moreno an overall majority

Andalusian exit poll gives PP and Juanma Moreno an overall majority

The conservative Partido Popular would take between 58 and 61 seats in parliament while Socialists would record their worst ever result


Sunday, 19 June 2022, 20:47


The first exit poll for the Andalusian elections shows that Juanma Moreno and the Conservative PP party would win with an overall majority in parliament, taking between 58 and 61 seats.

The Socialist PSOE would record their worst-ever result with a predicted 26-30 seats; hard-right Vox, who the PP would have had to strike a coalition government with, would gain 13-15 seats; centrist Ciudadanos would lose all their seats; while left-wing parties Por Andalucía would have 4-5 seats and Adelante Andalucía with 3.

A shift from 2018

In the last elections, PP only had 26 seats and 20.75% of votes, which was more than enough to form a coalition government with Ciudadanos, though in the exit poll the centrists would have lost all representation in the regional parliament after previously taking 21 seats.

This 2022 result would mean that the PP would more than double their seats.

In 2018, PSOE won 27.94% of votes and took 33 seats; Vox took 12 seats when they obtained representation in a Spanish regional parliament for the first time.

The two leftists parties of Adelante Andalucía and Por Andalucía hadn't yet split, and obtained 17 seats in the previous election.


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