All the candidates posed for a photograph before the first televised debate. ep
Andalusian regional election campaign warms up

Andalusian regional election campaign warms up

The elections are just a few days away, with a live debate already haven taken place and another yet to be had

Friday, 10 June 2022, 12:15


Friday saw the halfway point in the two-week official Andalusian election campaign before the region goes to the polls next Sunday, 19 June. Candidates from the main parties met face-to-face for the first time on Monday for a live, televised debate.

Current president, the PP's Juanma Moreno, asked voters to allow him to continue the work he started four years ago, while his existing coalition partner, Juan Marín of Ciudadanos, defended his struggling centrist party. Socialist Juan Espadas and left-wing groups' Inmaculada Nieto and Teresa Rodríguez, called for left-wing voters to go out in force on election day. Meanwhile Macarena Olana, of far right party Vox, sided with no one.


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