Andalucía ends 2022 with record exports and more markets across five continents

Andalucía ends 2022 with record exports and more markets across five continents


Foreign sales of Andalusian products grew above the rate for Spain, which also reached historical figures

Héctor Barbotta


Friday, 24 February 2023, 12:32

Andalucía closed the 2022 financial year with record exports worth 42.9 billion euros thanks to a 24.3% growth in sales. This is the highest figure since 1995 when records began.

The figure represents an increase of 8 billion euros from the previous year. Spain has also reached an all-time high, with 389 billion euros in exports.

Andalusian export growth exceeds the national rate by 1.5% with 11% of all Spanish exports during 2022 from Andalusia. Only Catalonia (24.4%) and Madrid (14.9%) were ahead.

Andalusian exports broke partial records during practically every month of 2022 and December was no exception, according to data from Extenda, a public company belonging to the TRADE agency. In the last month of the year, exports reached 3,739 million, with a rise of 17.6% over December 2021.

During the past year, the Andalusian exporting companies also diversified by expanding their market reach and the type of merchandise sold.

Andalucía's export growth has been especially significant in America (where sales increased by 34 %) and Asia (which saw a 26.2% increase). According to Extenda, these are the regions of the world that show the greatest growth prospects for the coming years.

The eight provinces registered record sales and all marked double-digit increases. The sustained growth of the main agri-food chapters, led by the 24.3% rise in olive oil, has been joined by significant increases in several strategic industries, such as aeronautics, with 39% increase compared to 2021.

The reactivation of the aeronautical industry was especially significant which registered the second highest growth among the 10 most exporting sectors, with 39% more than in 2021. This translated to 2,134 million euros, ranking fifth in the sales ranking of Andalucía in 2022, with 5% of the total.



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