Andalucía borders on the high-risk threshold with a coronavirus incidence rate of 293

The region has added 4,710 new infections in the last day, the highest number since July, and three Covid-19 deaths


The Andalusian region has this Friday, 17 December, added a total of 4,710 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours, the highest figure since 27 July when 4,754 cases were recorded. It is a figure much higher than the 2,133 registered a week ago.

Three Covid-19 deaths have also been reported by the Junta, two less than those recorded on Thursday and nine less than those on Wednesday (12), which was the highest figure in two months.

This is detailed in the data produced by the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA), which specifies that the 14-day Covid incidence rate has risen by 42.7 in 24 hours to 293.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants - bordering on the high risk zone (between 300 and 500) – and it is the highest incidence rate since 25 August, when it stood at 307.1, and some 142.7 more than a week ago.

The 4,710 coronavirus infections this Friday are registered after the 3,829 positives on Thursday, 2,958 on Wednesday, 3,295 on Tuesday, 3,110 on Monday and Sunday (48 hours), 716 infections on Saturday and the 2,133 of last Friday.

Malaga with 1,052 positives is the province with the most new cases in 24 hours, followed by Seville with 1,023. The rest of the provinces remain below a thousand, with 632 in Cordoba, 630 in Cadiz, 534 in Granada, 341 in Huelva, and 249 in Jaén and Almeria, respectively.

In addition, the Andalusian region has registered an increase of 38 hospitalised coronavirus patients to reach a total of 533, some 123 more than a week ago, while the number of patients admitted to an intensive care unit remains at 99 for the second day, some eleven more than ago seven days.