Andalucia added 60,000 jobs in the second quarter. / SUR

Andalucía adds 60,000 jobs but the Junta doesn't believe the rhythm can be maintained

The region recorded an unprecedented 3.2 millions employed people after the quarterly increase


The Junta de Andalucía's Ministry of Employment, Companies and Self-Employed Workers said this week that the increase in employment which is recorded in the EPA for the second quarter of this year - 60,700 more jobs, bringing the total to 3,228,000 - is a record for the region.

However José Agustín González, the general secretary for Employment and Self-Employment, warned against being over-optimistic in the present context, when there is so much uncertainty about the future.

"It is not foreseeable that these positive figures will be maintained," he said, and stressed that it is important to see how the situation develops once the summer is over and the services sector is no longer as buoyant.

With regard to the EPA data for the period April to June, González confirmed that the number of people who are unemployed in Andalucía, which is around 750,000, is the lowest level for 14 years. This is, without a doubt, positive news, he said, especially as the active population has grown so much during this period and over four million people are now prepared to work.

Also with regard to unemployment, he pointed out that the rate in the region has dropped to 18.68%, the lowest level since 2008. Nevertheless, it is still worrying, he said, because it is six points higher than the national average.