Andalucía adapts its face mask rules to the national Covid regulations

Andalucía adapts its face mask rules to the national Covid regulations

The regional Ministry of Health says the change is justified by the fact that the number of new coronavirus infections over a 14-day period has stabilised



Monday, 9 May 2022, 12:01

The Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Health has adapted its regulations regarding the use of face masks in the region to coincide with those of the Spanish government, and this means the word ‘obligatory’ has been dropped when referring to maks in residential care homes and home help services.

Sources at the Ministry said the decision was made after taking into account that the incidence rate of positive Covid-19 infections in Andalucía over 14 days has stabilised and the fact that since late March a test for active infection is only carried out in specific situations, especially vulnerable people and those who need to be admitted to hospital.

Another factor for easing the regulations in Andalucía is that, although there are still outbreaks of the coronavirus in care homes, most staff and residents have been fully vaccinated.

Advised to wear FFP2 mask

The regional government’s rules now say that the regulations regarding the use of masks by residents, visitors and staff in care homes will be those applied by the national government at any given time. However, during times when the infection rate in the region is high, workers in care homes will be advised to wear FFP2 masks and if there is an outbreak in the home where they work they should continue to wear them until the outbreak is over.

The use of masks, aprons and gloves is no longer compulsory for carers who go into people’s homes, either, but they are also obliged to comply with any changes the government in Madrid might make to the regulations.

Masks are now only necessary on public transport and flights and in common areas in health centres and health settings (including pharmacies).



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