Amber alerts activated for high temperatures in Malaga province this Sunday

Spain’s state weather agency, Aemet, has also issued red warnings for two provinces in the Andalucía region this 24 July, for temperatures up to 45 degrees

The extreme high temperatures will continue to affect Malaga province in the coming days. On Saturday Antequera was on an amber alert because 40 degrees were expected, and the Serranía de Ronda on a yellow warning for a maximum of 39. And, this Sunday and Monday, the situation will not improve - but actually worsen in some areas.

The Antequera region will remain on amber alert for high temperatures both today, 24 July, and Monday as the mercury could reach 40C. The Serranía de Ronda will find itself in the same situation, although on Monday the level will drop to yellow, despite the fact that thermometers are expected to reach 39-40 degrees.

But the Aemet weather warnings are not the only thing of concern. The meteorology expert José Luis Escudero anticipates on his SUR blog 'Storms and lightning', the first terral of this summer could arrive on Monday in some of the usual areas where this local Malaga wind blows. Initial forecasts suggest that it could appear in the Guadalhorce Valley and then Malaga late at night, and there could even be mist and sea fog near the coast.

Red alerts

In addition to Malaga, other Andalusian provinces will suffer from the excessive heat. The state weather agency, Aemet, has activated red warnings for high temperatures in the countryside of Cordoba and Cadiz this Sunday, alerts that will be in place between 1pm and 9pm.

In the Cordoba countryside, the thermometers could reach 45 degrees, and 44 in the case of the Cadiz, where the highest values ​​are expected in the west of the region.

Meanwhile, the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Jaén will be on an amber warning due to heat, with values ​​that can reach 43 degrees in the case of the Sevillian countryside and in the Jaén regions of Valle del Guadalquivir and Morena and Condado. This notice will also be extended to Grazalema (Cadiz), Sierra y Pedroches and Subbética Cordoba, as well as in the Genil Basin (Granada), which will have temperatures above 40 degrees.

In addition, there will be a yellow warning for high temperatures on the Cadiz coast and in the Granada region of Guadix and Baza.