Moreno, during his visit to Bancosol in Malaga this Thursday. / SALVADOR SALAS

Ahead of people's New Year's Eve celebrations, the Junta’s head pleads "Let's not play Russian roulette with Covid"

Juanma Moreno has called on people to exercise "caution and common sense". In a televised message for 2022 he said he believes the "end of the pandemic – in clinical terms – is getting nearer"


"Let's not play Russian roulette with Covid. Please." That was the simple request from the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, on the penultimate day of the year.

After visiting the Bancosol facilities in Malaga, the regional head announced that "drastic measures" will not be imposed for now in Andalucía as long as the Covid-19 incidence continues to be controlled. However, Moreno clarified that tougher controls will be implemented, if necessary, if the time comes but that at the moment there are will be no more restrictions because "we want to protect health and the economy."

Moreno said, that as of 30 December "right now it does not seem necessary to adopt the tougher measures of the Basque Country or Catalonia", but insisted that the Junta would “introduce more measures if there was a serious rise in the number of cases."

The president of the regional government made a fresh call for people to "act responsibility and with common sense" during New Year Eve celebrations and asked them "not to throw caution to the wind" because they believe the effects of Omicron are not as serious as those of other variants.

Televised message for 2022

Juanma Moreno also had an optimistic message for people in the region in 2022. In a televised message, that was recorded in Granada and due to air this Thursday evening, he said that he believed the ‘end of the pandemic – in clinical terms – is getting nearer’.

On Tuesday, 4 January 2022, the ‘Committee of Experts’ that advises the Junta on coronavirus matters is scheduled to meet, and there the pandemic data will be analysed once the New Year's Eve celebrations have passed to decide on whether to allow the traditional Three Kings parades to go ahead, that are planned to take place across Andalucía.